Handheld TDR Meters ; 901 TDR LAN Cable Tester

  • CE-mark Certificated.
  • Accurate to 2" (5 cm) throughout the entire range up to 2,000 ft (600 m).
  • Digital Display shows 5 common wiring faults : Open Pair, Shorted Pair, Crossed Pair, Split Pair, and Reversed Pair.
  • Includes 1 remote identifier for wiremapping.
  • Extra-large backlit (ICON type 7 segment) LCD.
  • Automatic output impedance control, auto-range, auto-zero, and auto-sensitivity allows for closely matching to a wide range of cables under test. Only V.O.P(Velocity of propagation) settings required.
  • User-friendly menu on screen operation for easy-to-use.
  • Measuring capability of the V.O.P of a sample cable.
  • 20 internal memory locations store up to 20 traces for future analysis.
  • Internal library of 39 standard cables.
  • Tone Generator(Oscillating 910 to 1100 Hz with 5 Vp-p).
  • Line Voltage Detection : Displays "OUCH" message and stops operation if line voltage exceeds 6.5 V.
  • Safety Protection (up to 250 V RMS).

SPECIFICATIONS (at 23°C±5°C : < 85% RH)
Range : 2,000 ft (600 m)
Accuracy : ±[1 % of reading + 4" (10 cm)]
Resolution : 2" (5 cm)
Dead Zone : 15 ft (5 m)


The precision TDR(Time Domain Reflectometry) meters are advanced instruments capable of measuring cable lengths and finding distance to an open or a short using Time Domain Reflectometry. They offers exceptional features and a range capability normally associated with far more expensive instruments.

Model 901 is specially designed to speed up the onsite testing of data networks and production testing of cable assemblies. The meter quickly tests shielded and unshielded LAN cables and identifies all commonly found wiring faults including : Open Pair, Shorted Pair, Crossed Pair, Split Pair, and Reversed Pair. Digital display shows these 5 common wiring faults and the provided 1 Female RJ45 to Female BNC remote identifier will make wiremapping a breeze.

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