CLM33 Cable Length Meter

  • CE-mark Certificated.
  • Easy-to-use, handheld and battery operated.
  • 4 digit display with enunciators.
  • Measures in FEET(ft)or METERS(m)
  • Measures COPPER(Cu)or ALUMINUM(Al)wire.
  • User Select mode (8 Memory Locations)
  • Resistance range for milliohm measurements.
  • Automatic internal temperature compensation for changes in ambient temperature.
  • User calibration mode. Calibration standard included.
  • Sleep mode.
  • Low battery indicator
  • Kelvin clips(test leads) included.
    *The CLM33 is not available for the distributors in North America.


∈ Measurement Range

 Overall range limit 0.1 to 30,000m (Length)
            0.15mm² to 240mm² (Wire Gauge)

∈ Resolution

 0.1m or 0.5feet (Length)
 1mヘ (Resistance)

∈ Accuracy

 ±(1% of reading + 1m or 3ft) < 100m or 300ft at 18→ to 23→C
 ±(1 of reading) > 100m or 300ft at 18→ to 23→C
 ±(2% of reading + 1m or 3ft) < 100m or 300ft below 18→
                      and above 23→C

 ±(2% of reading) > 100m or 300ft below 18→ and above 23→C
 * Use the User Select mode for better measurement

∈ Resistance

 0 to 10ヘ : ±(0.5% of reading + 3 LSD)
 10 to 99.99ヘ : ±(0.5% of reading + 10 LSD)



The CLM33 quickly measures the length of any reeled wire up to 30,000m(100,000ft)and with the gauges from 0.15mm² to 240mm². Within seconds, cables up to 30,000m can be measured and digitally displayed without the cumbersome unrolling of cable reels. The CLM33 also can be used a precision milliohm meter.
The User Select mode allows you to save the resistance of a user wire for additional measurements of unknown lengths of the same gauge wire. In addition, it enables you to accurately measure the length of standard gauge wire. In this mode, you can measure the length of any metal wire, the resistance of which can be measured, as well as Copper or Aluminum wires. Very useful for electrical contractors, utilities and distributors to control inventories of wire.

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