206 General Purpose Automotive Multimeter

  • CE-mark Certificated and UL-Listed.
  • Accurate measurement for AC&DC Voltage, AC&DC Amperes, and Resistance.
  • RPM measurement for Automotive Engines with 1 to 8 cylinders using the Test Leads.
  • RPM measurement for Automotive Engines with 2 to 4 strokes using the Inductive RPM pickup.
  • Direct reading of DWELL without using Duty Cycle to Dwell conversion chart for electronic fuel injection, feedback carburetors and ignition.
  • mS-PULSE WIDTH to test on-time of fuel injectors, idle air control motors, and eletronic transmission controls.
  • Precision ANALOG DISPLAY for watching oxygen sensor voltage, sweeping throttle position sensors.
  • Protective 10 Megohm Impedance for sensitive automotive computers circuitry.
  • Temperature test for fan switch ON/OFF.
  • Surge(Transient) voltage protection.


The Finest 206 automotive meter is designed for automotive electronics. This meter can be used as a very efficient troubleshooter to most of the complicated problems encountered with today's sophisticated automotive electronic systems. The rugged construction of the 206 is suitable for the heavy-duty use at the automotive shops.



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