506&516 Professional Automotive Multimeters

  • CE-mark Certificated.
  • Designed to meet UL 3111-1, UL201, IEC1010-1, and the EMC Directive Standards.
  • Accurate frequency and pulse measurement with 20000 count on the high resolution 4000 count display.
  • Accurate automotive electronics test and advanced measurements with DC/AC Amps, and Resistance.
  • Direct reading of DWELL without using Duty Cycle to Dwell conversion chart when testing electronic fuel injection, feedback carburetors, and ignition systems.
  • RPM measurement for automotive engines with 1 to 12 Cylinders using test leads or the Inductive Pickup.
  • mS-Pulse Width function to test on-time of fuel injectors, idle air control motors, and electronic transmission controls.
  • 7 steps adjustable triggers on 1 to 12 Cylinders, either 2 or 4 cycle for outboards, motorcycles and conventional engines.
  • Measure temperature of fan switch and catalytic converters up to 2,498°F (or 1,370°C).
  • Shielded for testing Marine Engines.
  • Surge(Transient) voltage protection.

    [Finest 516 Only]
  • Capacitance and non-automotive Frequency measurement.
  • RS-232C.


The Finest 506&516 automotive multimeters are designed to provide trouble shooting solutions to the most difficult problems encountered with today's sophisticated automotive electronic systems. The large digits are easy to see and some unique features make these meters very efficient ones.



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