226 Compact Automotive Multimeter

  • CE-mark Certificated.
  • UL/CUL-Listed.
  • Accurate mS-Pulse Width measurement function to test on-time of fuel injectors,idle air control motors, and electronic transmission controls.
  • RPM measurement for automotive engines with 1 to 8 Cylinders using the Inductive Pickup.
  • Direct reading of Dwell when testing electronic fuel injection, feedback carburetersand ignition systems.
  • Exercises 4 step adjustable +/- triggers on 1 to 8 Cylinders, motorcycles and conventional engines for accurate measurements of RPM, mS-Pulse Width, Dwell and Duty cycle.
  • High-speed 41 segment Analog Pointer display updates 20 times/sec.
  • Accurate automotive electronics test and advanced measurements with volts dc/ac, resistance, etc... .
  • Accurate non-automotive Frequency measurements with 20000 count on the high resolution 4000 count display.
  • Fix hold¢â(Automatic reading hold).
  • Continuity beeper.
  • Standby mode indicator.
  • Protective holster.


The Finest 226 automotive multimeters are ideal for first-level automotive troubles shooting. Some unique features make these meters very efficient ones.


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