Digital Multimeters ; 509 Autoranging True-RMS DMM with RS-232C

  • CE-mark Certificated.
  • THD-R (Total Harmonic Distortion as a percent of the Total RMS values) measurement of Voltage or Current in a 50Hz or 60Hz Power line.
  • RS-232C interface capability.
  • Backlit display.
  • 3¾digit, 4000 count with bar graph.
  • Autoranging.
  • Safety shutter protection for current terminals.
  • Surge (Transient) voltage protection.
  • Fused 10 Amps range.
  • True-RMS on AC voltage and current ranges.
  • Auto-Power-Off.
  • DC voltage basic accuracy within 0.3%.
  • Fix hold(Automatic reading hold).
  • Capacitance, Frequency, and Temperature measurement.
  • Record, offset and relative mode.
  • Comparator, GO-NO GO and percentage programming capabilities.
  • Continuity beeper and diode test.
  • 600 volt input protection on Ohm range and Continuity & Diode test.
  • Large LCD (68.5mm X 32.7mm).


The finest 509 true-RMS DMM is a special version of the series 500 designed to provide it with the RS-232C interface capability,for which a bi-directional RS-232C interface cable and a sample software diskette are supplied as optional accessories.
The backlit Finest 509 True-RMS DMM has all the advanced features you expect, plus GO-NO GO programming and harmonic distortion (THD) measurement is very simple and accurate.



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